This past weekend, a group of PolyCrafters went and played a UHC map.  Hilarity ensued.


Check out the teams and YT channels for updates.  We’ll be releasing videos every other day at 9pm EDT.


PolyCraft goes Ultra Hardcore!  see more for links to the other channels.


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We also went and got a subreddit made for PolyCraft —

EU IV MP fan server

Posted: May 8, 2014 in EU IV, Streaming, Video

Hi all,


So I’m going to set up a server this Saturday night (7pm EDT – 12 UTCish) and let everyone join.  We haven’t decided if it’ll be streamed or just recorded yet.


Sign up here if you want to play.  I’ll give out the server info on Saturday just before we start.  Meet in my twitch channel chat if you want to play.


The rules for the game will be pretty simple -


1) No taking Exploration or Expansion if you aren’t a ‘normal’ colonizer.

2) No taking Exploration or Expansion until the 2nd idea group (Admin 7 and you have to take an idea at Admin 4) if you are.

3) Preferably no one plays the major powers.

4) Less cheese is good cheese.

5) Play your country based upon historical and ingame relations.  So no jumping to Connaught from Venice.


Connections to Host (me) will be important because I want to play at a decent speed (at least speed 2, preferably 3).  If someone can’t stay connected, or keep up at speed 2, you’ll be dropped from the game.

hey everyone,

So here’s some fun stats to end the year with.  WordPress does this every year, but I figured that I would pad it out a bit more with other stats and random facts.

PolyCraft went ‘public’ this year with the addition of a dedicated server and a loosening of the requirements to get onto the server.  We are now at ~24 members from around the world.  Of course, bringing new people in has had it’s challenges.  AlphaShard’s title as ‘most likely to be killed just for logging in’ has been usurped by Ekat2468, though we suspect foul play.  Duskey and fuzzyfractal have been subverting members into the indie game crowd.  Papers, Please and the Kerbal Space Program have made the rounds in the group.  As well, even though everyone said that they weren’t going to do it, PolyCraft found its way onto multiple Youtube channels this year.

I also added an online game shop this year, and ended up at E3 right before Civ V: Brave New World was released.

This was definitely a big year for Strategy games with both expansions to games (Civilization V, Xcom) and new titles (Europa Universalis IV, Total War Rome II, etc) released.  My youtube channel definitely picked up on that with the addition of +9000 subs (this number does count people who previously subbed, left, and then subbed again, so it’s a little less accurate than I’d like), +35 million minutes watched and over 2.2 million views for the year (nearly doubling the previous years combined).  The best months were July and August, with over 500k views each.  The top videos are all Civ V related, with Deity Venice taking the #1 spot.  Close behind though was Beyond the Monument episode 1, which shows the staying power of that particular show.

Thanks to all the fans and supporters for the wonderful year!  Looking forward, I will definitely be continuing to make Civ V LPs, Beyond the Monument and Deity Scenario Time shows.  There is still a lot of content to be made wrt Civ V, so it’s not going anywhere this year.  I’ll be continuing the trend of adding more strategy games to the mix, and hopefully doing a few more collaboration LPs.  2014 so far looks like there won’t be ‘many’ big releases in the Strategy genre of games, so I may end up digging into some more ‘oldies’ and ‘indies’ from other genres this year.  Of course, I will also be continuing on with both PolyCast and TurnCast live! shows.

back to the blog stats…

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 120,000 times in 2013. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 5 days for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Shen and I are looking to do a collaboration, but we need some help on ‘what game’ we want to play.  Good thing we have straw polls for this:

head on over to and vote!