Strap yourself to the rocket, because we’re going Beyond Earth looking for some bugs to smash!  I will be showing off some Beyond Earth on my twitch and youtube channels in the near future.  We will be limited to 250 turns, so I’ll try not to spoil the ending ;)

Keep an eye on and  for Preview content of Beyond Earth leading up to launch day.  (Then of course stay there for full LPs after launch day ;) )


be_preview thumbnail_base… Keeping in mind that everything you see here is subject to change before, during and after lunch :D  (yeah, it’s launch, but there’s always a chance someone is eating lunch at launch).

The image says it all.

Livestream for Beyond Earth at Firaxicon

Going to school Pete on some Beyond Earth strategies.

This past weekend, a group of PolyCrafters went and played a UHC map.  Hilarity ensued.


Check out the teams and YT channels for updates.  We’ll be releasing videos every other day at 9pm EDT.


PolyCraft goes Ultra Hardcore!  see more for links to the other channels.


– CanusAlbinus –
– MadDjinn –
– TheMeInTeam –

– Makahlua –
– Eag –
– ekat2468 –

– DanQ_CC
– TheChrisD –
– Ubermarklar

– fuzzyfractal42 –
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– AlphaShard –



We also went and got a subreddit made for PolyCraft —

EU IV MP fan server

Posted: May 8, 2014 in EU IV, Streaming, Video

Hi all,


So I’m going to set up a server this Saturday night (7pm EDT – 12 UTCish) and let everyone join.  We haven’t decided if it’ll be streamed or just recorded yet.


Sign up here if you want to play.  I’ll give out the server info on Saturday just before we start.  Meet in my twitch channel chat if you want to play.


The rules for the game will be pretty simple –


1) No taking Exploration or Expansion if you aren’t a ‘normal’ colonizer.

2) No taking Exploration or Expansion until the 2nd idea group (Admin 7 and you have to take an idea at Admin 4) if you are.

3) Preferably no one plays the major powers.

4) Less cheese is good cheese.

5) Play your country based upon historical and ingame relations.  So no jumping to Connaught from Venice.


Connections to Host (me) will be important because I want to play at a decent speed (at least speed 2, preferably 3).  If someone can’t stay connected, or keep up at speed 2, you’ll be dropped from the game.