First GaK LP – teaser

Posted: June 23, 2012 in Civilization 5 Gods & Kings, Video

Ok, here’s a look at the starting position for the first Gods & Kings LP that I’ll be doing.

The settings/civ were picked by the people who commented on the blog here.

The leader that fit the suggestions best was Dido of Carthage.

I changed up what was suggested for the map, given that no one knew there were new map types out, so the choice became Large Islands to allow for the naval action and to show off a new map.

I also switched out the choice of AI civs, actually choosing all opponents this time, as I found that I had the perfect mix of civs to produce a naval game on a standard sized map.

Here’s my starting position and what I started on turn 0:

Start Position

This is where I started (turn 0 autosave pic).

Not the best start, but also not the worst.  Or was it?

Video coming soon.

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