Programming changes and daylight savings time

Posted: October 27, 2012 in Endless Space, PolyCast, Streaming, XCOM: EU

Daylight savings time is here, so don’t forget that the times I mention need to be shifted by an hour soon.
Europe has it’s DST change late tonite, so that means tomorrows Endless Space cast will be an hour earlier (5pm GMT/UTC).  North America shifts next weekend, so Europe will shift back to being 5 hrs behind (1pm EST = 6pm GMT/UTC).

As per Programming changes:

I found that the live streams during the week managed to get more people viewing the streams than the usual weekend ones.  So I’ll stream Xcom Impossible/Ironman games on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5pm EDT/EST from now on (at least until we’ve run out of things to do with it).

I’m checking out another game or two to see about also live streaming them, so I’ll shift them into the 5-7 slots during the week as appropriate (I’ll let you know before hand).

  1. eilenthil says:

    what about civ? you have something cooking for us at that section?

  2. Karl-Martin Pedersen says:

    Oh my god, this is better than TV :) Tuesdays and Thursdays are now my favorite days :)

  3. BrianS says:

    Hey MadDjinn I’ve really enjoyed all your lets plays, been watching endless space lately and thought I would mention there is a game Space Empire 5 that I played several years ago. It is by no means high tech and high budget but it is one of the best civ style space games I have found. Check it out if your interested.

  4. briansilver says:

    Hey MadDjinn I’ve been watching your lets plays and really enjoyed them. I thought I would mention a game I played several years ago, Space Empires 5. It is by no means a high budget game but it still remains one of the best civ style space games I have found. Check it out if your interested,

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